Emirates Digital Wallet

Emirates Digital Wallet LLC (EDW) owns and operates klip, the UAE's Digital Cash Platform. It spearheads a nation-wide initiative to reduce the use of cash in the UAE and supports the UAE government's efforts to drive digital transformation.

An ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 27001: 2013 Certified Company.


Emirates Digital Wallet LLC was established by 16 UAE national banks, who are its principal stakeholders. Profits made by the Company will be distributed to the stakeholders on the basis of the level of their investment. Other banks and financial institutions have the option to become a "member bank", whereby they are required to invest in integrating their technology into the klip payment system, and complying with all the processes and standards set by EDW and required by the UAE Central Bank.

Our Board

EDW Board is comprised of 9 members out of which permanent representation is from 5 banks that include: FAB, Mashreq, ADCB, ADIB, and DIB.The remaining 4 members are selected on an annual rotation basis from CBD, RAKBANK, Al Hilal Bank, SIB, Al Masraf, NBF, Invest Bank, BOS, NBQ, and UAB.


In January 2017, UAE Central Bank published landmark regulations governing stored value and electronic payment systems. The regulations establish binding licensing and related compliance rules for electronic payments service providers (PSPs) operating in the UAE. They aim to enhance the adoption of secure digital payments throughout the region and to position the UAE as a global leader in digital services, via a knowledge-based and innovation-driven economy. Towards the end of 2020, UAE Central Bank took a huge leap in promoting cashless payments by launching the Stored Value Facility Regulations making it further easier for financial and non-financial institutions to launch digital wallets to curb the physical cash in rotation. Emirates Digital Wallet complies with these regulations in the development and operations of klip platform.


Though many new payments systems have succeeded in reducing the use of physical cash, all are dependent one way or another on having a banking relationship.

klip is different. It aims to eliminate payments still made in cash in the UAE by systematically addressing where and why such payments still exist. Whether for small items in shops, sending money to friends or family, or even giving your children pocket money, klip is the UAE's Digital Cash.

Furthermore, by making it easily available to the unbanked workers and their families living in the UAE, it makes a major contribution to financial inclusion in our nation.

Future phases of development will include making klip available to visitors to the UAE, linking it with credit and debit cards, and providing incentive schemes to enhance its real value and user experience, as well as its usage.

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